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Tips and Strategy to Success in Blogging

Are you a new one on blogspot? people who like to spend on figuring the person? The answer lies in yourself, anyway I just submit questions here .

Blogs can be a very valuable and very beneficial if used properly. The advantage of this blog can grab the attention of visitors. In this article you will learn
13 most important steps for successful blogging.

1) Where to start?
Begin your blog with free blog hosting service such as Free blog hosting is very beneficial to the new blog. Starting with a free blog hosting service allows you to begin blogging instantly without having any prior knowledge of scripts, hosting, or programming.

2) Niche
Niche is a niche or targeted product, service, or topic. First you must decide on a product, service, or topic that interests you. Pick a topic you can make your enthusiasm to write every day with ease.
3) Update Daily (nothing less)

This step is a necessity and not a suggestion. Updating your blog daily and posts every day not only keeps your blog more interesting to readers, but also gives your blog fresh content on a day to day making it more attractive to search engines.

4) Traffic or Traffic
It's no secret. You must have traffic / traffic to profit from blogging. There are many ways to build traffic. Take advantage of paid advertising, free advertising, viral marketing, search engine optimization, RSS / XML feeds, and a message by word of mouth. You should always use your blog URL address in your email signature, discussion forums, SMS, or other communications media. You should submit your blog URL address to search engines and blog directories. You should submit your RSS / XML URL feed to blog ping services like Technorati, Ping-O-Matic, and Blogdigger.

5) Track Your Blog
How do you know if your blog has traffuc or traffic? Just because no one leaves a comment does not mean your blog is not growing. Many visitors do not leave comments but they are returning visitors. Tracking your blog does not have to be too sophisticated. Use a simple tracking / free counter like or other

6) Listen to Your Audience
When using the proper page counter you should begin to see how other people find your blog and if through search engines then use keywords to find your blog. If your blog is constantly being discovered by one or more keywords then focus your blog around those keywords to make it even stronger. When writing entry titles and entries use the keywords as often as possible while keeping the blog interesting.

7) Make Some blog
Use multiple blogging accounts (free) to attract more people. This means you must have a blog with and others. The accounts of the better blog (be sure to read and abide by the Terms of Service for each site). This allows you to attract more visitors and this also increases the likelihood that one of your blog will be entered in the search engine results for certain keywords

8) Write Short & Brief article
Apart from the lengthy article a week for syndication and publication your blog entries should be short and concise. Sometimes there are exceptions and you have no choice but to blog long entries, but try to avoid this as much as possible.

9) Digital Art
Try to include non-advertising graphics, images, photographs, and art in your blog entries. Not too much. Once a week is fine. Graphs can sometimes bring your blog to life. Of course, the content of the blog is the most important aspect and you do not want to overshadow your content with graphics, but displaying graphics can add a little variety to the blog.

10) Make Your Blog more Personal
A blog will be more successful when describing personal experiences. Try to include personal experiences related to the topic of your blog entries. Stay away from scented business writing style. Write a more personal style and use first person narrative. Do not write your entries as sales articles, product reviews.

11) Interact With Your Visitors
You now have a good traffic. You should begin interacting with your visitors. Create a regular theme such as: "Tips to find money every day" tips to keep your health every day "which entices your readers to look forward to every week.
Give the reader notice about a product, service, or topic that you will review and then talk about later. If the President is scheduled to give a speech, in your blog, you should state that you "will discuss the speech and give your opinion after the speech airs.
Do not disclose confidential or secret information which is considered illegal or can potentially get you into trouble. Such as: If your blog was about Paris Hilton and you have a blog entry about "Paris Hilton Married" then it will be interesting to your readers if you have an actual picture of Paris Hilton engagement ring. Your readers will appreciate this and they showed their appreciation through word-of-mouth referrals. Imagine how many readers will tell their friends, family, and others about information they only can from your blog.

12) Printing Money
After the blog to get some real momentum and your blog traffic increases then it is time to start thinking about converting traffic into profit. You should use contextual advertising, like Google Adsense or Chitika. In addition to contextual advertising it is good to also use graphical advertising such as:,, MammaMedia, or General Sponsored Ads.

13) Be Professional Blogger
You're a professional blogger now! What do you still blogging with free blog hosting service? It's time to upgrade to a paid domain hosting.
At the level of a professional blogger you may want to cooperate with one or more other bloggers. This will make the blog more interesting and more powerful. The old adage "two heads are better than one".
That's 13 success in blogging techniques that can make your blogging experience much more rewarding. There is no guarantee that your blog will become popular, but the effort should at least put you one step closer to success. Making money online can not be achieved overnight, as many novice blogger might think. Generate money online but it will certainly be achieved in the future. In addition, the popularity of blogs or web can not be achieved with a brief overnight, but it takes time, dedication, perseverance, and the new After that you will be able to get an advantage of blogging. Create a blog and create a professional focus and the money will be easily obtained. (Happy blogging | | on Rating 4.5

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