Tuesday, February 7, 2012

6 Tips Against Hand Phone Addiction

Many people of today who are addicted to using mobile phones, especially smartphones like the BlackBerry, Android, or iPhone. Whereas the use of mobile phones can be harmful.

That raised a professor Cary Cooper, an expert in psychology at Lancaster University, UK. He hopes that the user can limit the time to use the phone because it could have a negative impact.

Here are some tips for fighting addiction hand phone:

A. Reduce the use of cell phones has gradually

The phone is still a very useful thing that it is impossible to not use it at all. Even a sudden did not use the original smartphone from addiction can be more psychologically damaging. To fight the addiction, Cooper advised to turn off the handset a few minutes a day, then more time on the following days.

2. Know where to use the phone

Someone must know and realize when to not use the handset. Such as while driving because it can break the concentration and lead to accidents. Or maybe on sacred occasions.

3. Many are talking

Conversations in the real world can not be replaced with the chat via the phone or send a message. Talking face to face to give more understanding of what the other person feels and how the appropriate response. According to Cooper, many communication involves body language and a real relationship is not going to happen only with the conversation via cell phone.

4. Exercise more

Get plenty of exercise and leave your handset. Sport can create feelings of pleasure and can treat the depression that may occur due to excessive use of smartphones.

5. Measure the use of mobile phones

A mobile user may not realize how much time they used to use them and what they missed. Yet the moment the best moments happen in the real world, like the first kiss or a pleasant chat with the people closest together.

6. Use it wisely

The phone can not be denied benefit for life. For example, many useful applications to help life be better or as a means to communicate with distant colleagues. But according to Cooper, it would be nice to use the handset to the wise to the extent of social life does not interfere with the user.


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