Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 Tips and Strategy for Maximizing Skype

Here are 7 tips and strategy for maximizing skype

1. Your first test tool
First of all tests used to the sound quality on your device before you start the conversation. The trick, click the 'check your sound works' and then click the button to test each device that is the speaker, microphone and video.

If this test fails, then Skype will provide basic guidance to address such failures.

Skype will also help the user make a test call. The user just clicks on the dial a number and he will listen to the voice of women and then re-record it for later listening. This is done to check the quality of the microphone and make sure the volume is just right.

Skype is already setting up the mic and headphone volume to fix problems that arise, but you can do it in Tools, Settings, Audio Settings, and click 'Show advanced options ".

2. Try Bluetooth
Skype works on all microphones, speakers or headphones, including a Bluetooth headset for your computer has a Bluetooth receiver.

When the bluetooth receiver on your PC is active and your headset in pairing condition, click 2x on the Bluetooth icon and then click 'Add' under the 'Device'. Navigate ke'My device is set up and ready to be found ', then click' Next 'to find a location Windwos and connect the headset.

3. Instant Messaging
Skype could work as short messaging program like Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger. Users can move from phone calls to text messages or do it at the same time. Just choose which contacts to send a message and click 'Send' to start the conversation.

You can also set up Skype to only receive messages from any person in contact list and choose to save the history of all conversations.

4. Start with Windows
By default, Skype immediately start when Windows opens. This allows users who do want to use Skype, but a bit annoying for those who do not. You can set Skype to be active only when you open it by clicking 'Tools-Options-General Settings' and clean the box marked 'Start Skype when I start Windows'.

5. Voice Mail
You can set the voice mail at work when you're offline. Click on 'Tools-Options-Calls-Show advanced options' then select 'Voicemail'. Check the box 'Send unanswered calls to voicemail' and click 'Record' and use your microphone.

6. Extras
With the extras, you'll get more Skype functionality via plugins. In the latest version of Skype Extra Manager is disabled by default.

In this case, you need to uninstall and reinstallnya. Download the version provided by Skype Extras page. This is the old version. When the software is installed, click 'Options' on page Hello and check the "Install Skype Extras Manager' and click 'I agree - Install'.

If so, sign back into Skype and select 'Tools-Extras-Get extras'. Some extra allows users to share a whiteboard or play games with friends in the contact list.

7. Skype button
You can add a Skype button on your site or blog so that visitors know when you're online. If they have Skype pre-installed on the PC, then they can make a call on you with one click.

You also can also add a button in your email signature so that the recipient can click it and instantly communicate via Skype.

Visit the Skype button page and enter your username. Select the button style you want to use. Once all details are included, preview will appear next to the embed code. Copy-paste the HTML source code in your website or email signature.

Good Luck...!!!


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