Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tips and Strategy to Play on Winning Eleven PS2

Here I want to just give you something I learned when I was playing PlayStation especially winning eleven. Need best knowledge there are two versions (that I know of) winning eleven currently available for PS 2, the version with the names of 10 or 11 powers of x as well as the old version which has now reached over 150. For lovers of Winning Eleven must have known the real difference of the two winning this. Neither of the visual aspect as well as from the aspect of the game program.
I'm just going to share tips and tricks to winning eleven version 10 or 11 powers of x, especially in how to survive the attack opponents. Well here are some tricks that I know.
First of course you have to know each character of your players are entered into the draft of the fast of the speed, how high, etc. Like the real game winning eleven very influenced by the capability and capacity and ability of each individual game. Here for tips to survive I will show you a winning eleven characters of this program. I suggest to the formation of defense has four players and three midfielders. It's up to you how delicious too. The following tips are certainly not as an influence on the matter of your formation.
When you are under attack, especially if it is not counter-attack, you do not do the individual pursuit in the direction of opposing players. Do not press the R1 button when the last or continue to want the opposite. Simply wait until your opponent comes a new approach. And keep in mind also, is wrong or is not appropriate if you try to grab hold of the opponent's attack or just relied squeeze button X continuously. Especially with the push button R1. This will lead to our players who are in the front row does not fall helped our defense. So you need to do is wait for the opponent to come at or near the ordinary and closing movements. If you're close to your opponent can press the X button to grab the ball from him. If your skill players defend well enough and good enough body or the speed and in good condition (minimal colored green, it would be good if it is red) you can continue the push and hold the X button If not in this condition I suggest quickly replace a player by pressing the L1 button.
If you do what I tell you over the players will gather in the box while pinalty survive. Thus your defense will be very tight and very difficult attacked. From my experience, only Far-range shot that was probably carried out by an opposing player. That too often blocked by our defender. Concentration than if you are chasing the ball carrier, this will cause your players scattered like mad and make you loose defense. One more, if the pursuit of a striker who has gone through you, just press R1 only continuous and point your player to the player who pursued without pressing the X button This will make you faster defenders run toward opposing players, and of course also need to watch out where he will perform the maneuver (turn direction, and so forth).
Beware also the player who has the offense, speed, and good technique, like ronaldinho, henry, shevcenko, and Christiano Ronaldo and so on. Especially if they are in prime condition (marked with yellow or red). Usually very difficult to snatch the ball from a player who has this condition. need a layered defense and the application of such techniques that I have provided above is correct. Use a defender who has defend, body, and excellent condition (yellow or red) to deal with a player like this.

Good Luck...!!


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