Tuesday, February 7, 2012

4 Tips and Strategy to Accelerate Adoption of Cloud Computing

The following four recommendations to enable organizations to adopt cloud computing:

- Be located in the front lines in cloud computing: The IT needs to take a proactive role in implementing cloud computing. Too many organizations are slow to take a conservative approach in making the shift to cloud. IT staff should receive adequate training and preparation in the control of important aspects such as security and cost.

- Set the level of information and application: Perform analysis and place the information and applications based on the degree to which one feels comfortable setting when switching to cloud computing.

- Measure of risk and set appropriate policies: Make sure the important information accessible only to authorized users and the information is not leaving the company. Cloud computing vendors need to ensure you are eligible. Check the potential of cloud computing vendors to operational issues such as skills in disaster recovery.

- Start right now: Do not take all or nothing approach is not to cloud computing. Although it takes time to prepare the transfer of critical business applications, you can start with the services and applications that are more modest.

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