Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tips and Strategy to Keep Mobile Screen Touch or Touchscreen

Touch screen phone is now familiar in the world of electronics has even flourished among the community. Not just any cell phone, now there are various kinds of electronic devices that use the touch screen like a tablet. In the use of touch screen mobile phone or touchscreen obstacles exist on the screen, because the mobile phone screen is a touch screen or using the LCD touchscreen. So if we make a mistake in using the LCD is an LCD that will lead to rapid deterioration. Therefore we need to know and care for the LCD to remain durable and secure.

Here's tips and strategy to keep for the touchscreen mobile phone:

A. Use a plastic screen protector or scratch antique on your mobile.

2. Remove your phone from objects that contain a magnetic field such as radio, television, and other objects that contain magnets.

3. Keep the LCD screen is not in a dirty, dirty, and if the screen is clean by using a tissue or a soft cloth.

4. Use index finger to use the screen, do not use nails to wipe the screen while it is make use of it would lead to scratched screens.

5. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, because it will damage the quality of the LCD.

6. Do not press the screen too hard, just tap the screen naturally.

7. Avoid places such as narrow and pressed jeans pocket, because it will quickly damage the LCD screen if it is too often the pressure.


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