Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tips and Strategy of Keeping Heart Healthty

Here are some tips and strategy to optimize and maintain a healthy heart:

1. Breathing
Breathing deeply and slowly will reduce the workload of the heart, makes the heart stronger and work more efficiently. get enough oxygen, preventing hypertension and heart to make it more durable.

2. Sleep
A person who sleeps only six hours or less than six hours a day would be at risk of having a lot of protein C - reactive associated with heart disease.

3. Walk
Doing a quick walk for three hours a week will reduce the risk of coronary heart disease 30-40%.

4. Fruit
Many fruit will keep the heart healthy and fresh. For example, we are eating a banana that will help lower high blood pressure and keep the heart muscle, or citrus fruit, melon and papaya which contain vitamin C is good for the heart.

5. Vegetables
Various kinds of vegetables are good for the heart such as spinach are good for health of the arteries, broccoli, which serves as a cardioprotective agent, tomatoes which serves to keep the artery damage.

6. White Water
Increase the drinking water of more than five glasses a day will help expedite working of heart and blood is thicker.

7. Smile
Smiles and laughter will facilitate the circulation of blood, blood vessels and reduce the burden of reducing heart disease.

It is so easy to maintain the health of our heart ..? Let's start now launched a healthy lifestyle make it a habit in our lives so that the heart is always healthy.


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