Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mobile Battery Care Tips and Strategy for Autos

Here are tips and strategy for caring for our mobile phone battery is always preserved, so we are comfortable in using the mobile phone:

a. We should charge mobile phone battery dead. Because if they are alive, will occur that will flow out of the lead molecule in our phone was broken.

b. Do not be too often make calls via mobile phone if it is inside the car. Because at that time trying to find a cell phone signal BTS (Base Transceiver Station) station and will absorb the energy in the mobile phones we use.

c.Out mobile from leather Case / cell phone holster. Because when we charge the battery will generate heat which can shorten the life of mobile phones and batteries began low.

d. not too often charge phone in the car. Because at the time of charging, the vehicle using the cigarette lighter as vehicle connection and sometimes unstable voltage causing the current instability in when the batteries are charged.

e. Clean the battery connectors and gold pin on the battery every six months by using a cotton bud or tissue.

f. Do not overuse additional features or applications on the phone like-igames, bluetooth, mp3, GPRS, radio, etc.. Because they will absorb the energy in mobile phone battery quickly.


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