Monday, February 6, 2012

Tips For Men Can Marry Steady

The tips are as follow:

1. Elegant hanging out in places
Hang out in places where the 'millionaire' often congregate. Such as a golf, fine dining, horseback riding or visit the mall frequented upscale, such as Plaza Indonesia or Pacific Place.

2. Elegant appear
After knowing the places you visit, you should try hard to get acquainted with one of the millionaires. The trick with an elegant, luxurious and classy. No need to use the designer clothes or the top brands, most importantly do not wear mini skirts and cleavage too exposed. Choose clothes made from silk, wool or cotton with soft colors. Rich men know about women who are classy. Not only thinking about the appearance, you also must be smart in communication. You show me a woman who knows about his world.

3. Date
Entering the dating stage, you should still keep him interested in you. Chat on the first date is to discuss issues that are hot, ask also about business and how to play the stock. Maybe the chat is a bit heavy, but they would like. Businessman would like to discuss business and that can generate 'money' wherever they are. The she will also feel great because you can share knowledge with. Not rule out the possibility, you and he will build a business together. Other topics to talk about is about cars, sports and the economy.

4. He is married to Steady
After a long time and decided to dating dating, the future certainly your goal is to get married. However, most rich men afraid of marriage because of fear only be used by the woman. For that you have to convince him, you're not a woman who only venture to make use of his property, but you do love her and can be relied upon in the care of the family.

In addition, before deciding to get married you should also see his habits. Not infrequently, the man who has great wealth like a woman mutually. Although you have a standard to marry a rich man, but you also have to show him the loyalty of a man on top of everything. Your attitude will make it more serious with you.

Good Luck....!!!


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