Monday, February 6, 2012

9 Tips and Strategy To chirp on Twitter glance

Here are some tips and strategy to chirp on twitter glance:

1. Do not preach old news. Information on Twitter to spread rapidly. So it's good to not spread the link is already widely disseminated.

2. Contribute to the spread of information or stories on Twitter. Better to just not comment, but also add your own opinion

3. Strive to keep it brief tweet. Even 140 characters can be considered too long.

4. Do not go overboard in using the hashtag, mention or abbreviation.

5. Do not preach at all times where you are. According to researchers, the user on Twitter in particular do not like to check in Foursquare.

6. Do not recklessly post a link to a photo or blog without giving a reason why the other user must click.

7. Do not complain too much on Twitter. Negative sentiment and the complaint is not preferred.

8. If you want someone looked at your website via Twitter, make sure you tweet tease or make curious so they headed there.

9. No need to tell your life too much detail because it is not very interesting. People wanting more And the view

Good Luck...!!!


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