Monday, February 6, 2012

5 Tips and Strategies Must Diet When Eating at Restaurants

Here are some tips and strategy must diet eating at restaurants:

1. Choosing Healthy Foods
Stay choose healthy foods that help your diet, such as salad or fruit. At lunch, you can replace white rice with brown rice.

2. Do not Eat Too Much Sauce
Sauce can actually be a 'friend' is most appropriate for your food. You might also agree that if there is no sauce when eating, the food will taste bland. However, most of the sauce can derail your diet.

3. Limit portion Eat
The number of servings of food greatly affects calorie intake. Usually, restaurants that serve food portions larger than your nutrition needs. Try to measure and manage your own meals. For example, for foods that are rich in carbohydrates like rice and pasta, limit the portion up to one fist of your hand. For protein-rich foods like salmon and steak, limit it to a thickness of your hand. As for the vegetables, the more the better portion if it contains no oil or butter.

4. Trying Chinese Cuisine
Chinese food is not always in the form of meat. Many are variations of other Chinese dishes of steamed vegetables or various kinds of soup. Combine the steamed vegetables into your main meal so that the flavor of the food is still delicious, while reducing the intake of calories into the body.

5. Avoid These Foods!
Many French and Indian foods rich in calories. In the food contained ingredients such as cheese, sauce, butter, coconut oil and that can make your weight go up fast. Neither the Indonesian cuisine, which is often too much coconut milk. Therefore these foods should be avoided. In honor of inviting you to eat, order a soup or vegetables only.

Good Luck...!!!


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