Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tips and Strategy for How To Take Care Laptop or notebook

- How to take care Casing Laptop or notebook
Laptop or notebook so that we always look brilliant, do not hard. We simply spraying cleaning fluid into a small cloth of fine material and then you brush your laptop or notebook casing to clean gently and slowly.

- How to Clean the dirt on the Keyboard Laptop or notebook
Keyboard Laptop or notebook computer with a keyboard is not the same. How to clean the dirt on the laptop keyboard simply by using a brush only. But this is different if the laptop keyboard spill water or other liquids, because the laptop keyboard is not the same as a computer keyboard. One of the way bringing a laptop to the authorized repair shop laptop.

- How To Take Care and Cleaning LCD laptop or notebook
Clean it the same way by ridding the laptop casing. But apart in the clear, we should also treat the condition carefully and keep our laptop. namely by:

1. Keep your laptop out of direct sunlight

2. For use with a long time and use the adapter, out the laptop or notebook battery in order for the durable

3. Do not put your laptop or notebook over the bed or sofa as it can impede airflow under the laptop and the resulting heat even faster laptop overheating.

4. Do not place heavy objects on laptop

5. Do not put the laptop on my lap, because it would potentially thigh injury

6. Make the process of charging the laptop is dead laptop

7. If done using a laptop, do not immediately put into the laptop bag

So ... that sometimes we do is a challenge and a ban should not we do it guys ...?

Let's keep our laptops ...


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