Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tips and Strategy address the blackheads on the face

These tips and strategy address the blackheads on the face

a. Wearing oil-free cosmetics and water basic , so skin will not be clogged by dirt and bacteria.

b. Wash your face at least 2x a day, but also not too often over-cleanse your face because it will reduce the skin's natural moisture.

c. Do not squeeze the nose with a nail, because this way it will make the skin become inflamed and cause infections of the skin.

d. Use a soap that contains a grain scrub. Before using soap, time to steaming the face with hot water so that the pores of the face was wide open and will facilitate the release of blackheads when using soap. After cleaned, use a toner on your face to close the pores again.

e. Do it peels or facial at least once a month to clear blackheads.

Natural Ways to Prevent and Overcome Blackheads on the Face

Blackheads on your face should be cleaned and removed quickly, because if left to grow, blackheads on the face will trigger acne. How to clean blackheads too wide - range, there is a natural or facial treatment to a dermatologist. Well for us - we who loved the the smell - the smell of natural and herbal, this way we can cobain home, do not hard really ..

The first, clean up blackheads with egg white.

Way, take one egg and pour the egg whites into the bowl (not mixed with egg yolk). Then beat the egg whites until frothy and brush on beaten egg whites into the face of blackheads after it was covered with wet wipes (like using a mask). We recommend that before making an egg white mask, the face must first be cleaned with warm water.

A second, clean blackheads using gelatin powder, liquid milk and egg white.

The trick, heat the mixture of liquid milk and powdered gelatin and stir evenly after a while the mixture was let stand until warm. And after the new warm mix the egg whites and mix well. After the mask is applied to the face of blackheads. It would be nice before we clean this mask face with warm water.

Third, clean blackheads with salt water.

How, Steam face with hot water mixed with 1 tablespoon salt, and let stand face over hot water vapor to brine it up to your face for 10 minutes. Salt water steam will open pores, capillaries widen under the skin and accelerate blood circulation to the skin.

The fourth, clean your face with soybeans and peas.

How, we finely grind soy beans and the peas. Then we apply on the face as a mask until evenly distributed. Let stand for 30 minutes and then rinse in warm water. Perform maintenance with this mask for several times.

Well, it so easy to do ..? Also do not need to cost a fortune to drive away the blackheads on your face ..

Good luck ...


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