Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tips and Strategy to create your own web

Before explaining about the process of making the web simple, I just wanted to convey my experience shows that the most good / powerful way to disseminate information at the moment is through print & electronic media (especially television). Effect that caused the spread of information through print media and television is far more potent compared to the internet media because readers / viewers television and print media is still far greater in number than the internet media that only 1.5 million people in Indonesia. Obviously if you are able to integrate the Internet media to electronic media and print into a harmonious blend of the impact will be enormous.

Some simple steps to build your own web of this include:

• Create a plan (blueprint) - as it was when you build something, a plan must be made. The parts of what will be built on your site.

• Identify the content of the site - in any case almost certainly will have its content. The question is which one is most suitable content.

• Understand copyright (copyright) - make sure that the material / materials used to build your website does not exist in violation of copyright. Not to take these materials without permission; unless indeed its public domain.

• Seek help - if you work at it get hard, do not be shy to seek professional help to people.

• HTML - Hyper Text Markup Language is currently the backbone of the Web on the Internet if necessary you can learn more about HTML. But with a lot of HTML editors (eg Microsoft FrontPage) is actually a very minimal knowledge of HTML, we've been able to create their own Web sites that.

• Design for your audience - in the end viewers will be the determinant of the site, the site should be designed / adjusted for the viewers that we are headed. Surely it would be even better if you could do it in parallel with the activity of an interactive discussion on the mailing list on the Internet. As with all competitions, the only leader who will win and attract your audience.

• Working with graphics - big is not necessarily good for your web site. Often it will inhibit the graph of your web work.

• Tip web design - two things to consider carefully the appearance and speed of loading web pages. Focus on efficient and attractive to visitors.

• Advanced web tools - CGI scripts, shockwave and java is more sophisticated devices to increase the level of interactivity of your site on the Internet. Would require considerable programming skills to use these tools.

• Finding a home for your site - lots of options where you can have your site from being free like to the expensive. From that in put in place your own server in the server farm to rent on the Internet. All are customized with the intent and purpose as well as your pocket.

• Publish your site - introduce your website to the Internet not only has a URL (Web address only). You have to try desperately on various occasions, advertisements in newspapers, active in the mailing list, make strategic alliances to introduce your site. Some sites even more extreme, that is by giving money in the form of Beenz to visitors. Only with such liveliness traffic then you will attract to your site.

• Maintain & update - to be successful then we should be able to keep the information contained within the site is always up to date.

• Open inputs - interaction with the internet will open up many opportunities and difficult challenges. This feedback mechanism should be done for the good of us all.

• Measure the traffic - a measure of work to do to justify how much information we publish on our site useful for people.

Good Luck..!!!


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