Wednesday, February 8, 2012

4 Tips and Strategy Post Twitter Hijacked

1. Change password
After learning that hijacked Twitter account, immediately change your password. Changing the password can be done via the dropdown menu at the top right corner Twitter. Click the Settings tab and enter the Password.

2. Turn off all access
Turn off all access to third-party applications that look suspicious. Termination of access can be done through the tab "Applications" on the "Settings".

3. Update your new password in the third-party applications
If the user is replacing with a new password, then it must also update the password in the third-party applications such as Instagram or Twitter for iPhone. If this is not done then he can not enter this application because the trial failed login.

4. Remove all the tweets and DM
Users are encouraged to remove all the tweets and Direct Messages (DM) made while his account was hijacked.

To avoid having your account hijacking that occurred because of efforts to third parties who want to steal login information, so Twitter users are encouraged to perform a few precautions such as:

- Be wary of suspicious links in which the edges leads to the malicious programs. The underlying reason that makes Twitter a link to bypass the site (

- Users should also be vigilant when entering a password on the site as well as third-party applications. The phisher usually make the site abal-abal is similar to the original to fool people into giving personal info.

Good Luck..!!


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