Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Tips and Strategy to Safe Online Games

1. Always use regularly updated antivirus and computer security solutions that have anti-spyware and firewall features.

2. Use a different password

for the account and make the password hard to guess, and do not make too simple.

3. Type the URL or website you want online games directly in your browser or use the existing bookmarks in the browser. That way you'll avoid the element of chance online game click on a link from a search engine that has been infected.

4. Protect your data with password protection makes good on the computer or in the cloud.

5. Never use cracked software results, because it could be a rogue software or malicious software.

"High performance and does not affect the quality of games played. Two things are important indicators in choosing antivirus software," said Marcel 'k1llsen' Paul, an e-sports gamer who is currently ranked top in the top league ESC gaming in Germany.

Good Luck...!!!


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