Wednesday, February 8, 2012

9 Safeguarding and Tips Children Shielded from Negative Internet Content

Internet increasingly familiar with the world of children. But beware, a lot of content is not worth the circulation. Ranging from pornography, gambling, violence, drugs, and others.

Here are 9 tips that can be used as a shield to safeguard children from negative content on the internet:

1. Create a separate account and username for children: Children should have their own account on the PC, and has its own username. This is the only efficient way to keep an eye on what activities are done on the internet and the parents must have been the system administrator.

2. Update: parental control and antivirus software should update it.

3. Keep an eye on the sites visited by children through the browsing record: If the deleted record is found, it could be early signs if there is a secret. Discuss with your child about it.

4. Watch your webcam on the computer: Make sure the webcam is a camera connected to the Internet if the camera is not being used.

5. Check the configuration of the child's social networking accounts: Facebook Wall is the place to share in the public domain, there is absolutely no limit, so that raises potential safety risk to children.

6. Do not send confidential information via the Internet: The information is confidential and never personally requested via e-mail or chat. Similarly Bank, never ask for account data and PIN numbers. It is very important and therefore needs to be invested to children.

7. Do not reply to messages insulting tone: In situations where children get the message that smacks of abuse on the internet, tell him not to retaliate.

Because the typically reactive response like that is desired by the sender. If the sent message is repeated again, report it to authorities. It should be understood by parents.

8. Not everything on the internet is true: Children should be told that not all of the information available on the Internet comes from a reliable source. Lately, it's easy to get everything from the internet. That's why the users are advised to exercise extreme caution when obtaining information from the internet.

9. Open lines of communication: Communicate openly with your children is very important to discuss about their safety. As well as a great way to encourage children to be willing to share what fear, what appeals to them rather than a series of regulations that suppress, and punishment.

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