Monday, January 23, 2012

Tips for Women to Moderate Loss of Sexual Desire

As many as 85 percent of women who have low sex drives mentions several contributing factors, among others:
1. Stress or fatigue (60% of study participants said that these factors contribute to low sex drive)

2. Dissatisfaction with appearance self (41%)

3. Sexual difficulties, such as difficulty achieving orgasm (34%) The researchers concluded that improving self-esteem and be offset by reducing stress levels can significantly improve a woman's sex life. "Data from our national sex survey showed that men and women have sex more often when he was young. More often when the age of 20 for women and mid 20's to 30's for men. But women orgasm easier with age. Given the killer's most powerful female libido is stress, lack of sleep and feel fat, I wonder if the young woman's sex drive tends to be down. More young women pursue careers and busy busy with work or babysitting. But do not let the low sex drive. If you want to warm things up with a partner there are ways to try: Do not be too serious Women or young mothers are generally happy to hold a banquet or a child's birthday celebration or something. But all the busyness and bustle that can drain energy degrading sex drive. Arrange schedule well and make sure not too busy to have time to recharge. Improve your diet Eat well to boost sex drive. Be sure to eat certain foods that can improve mood, exercise to control calories, and before bed. Feeling sexy Feeling sexy can increase sex drive. To feel better quickly, try wearing tops that show off shoulders. "That is one body part can always be relied upon to make it look good," said the editor of Women's Health health sites, Thea Palad. Perform erotic cues There are plenty of 'erotic cues' that can help increase sex drive, including reading erotic books, watching erotic videos, sexy dress or do anything with a partner that could be interesting. Vibrator If the couple can not accompany during the holidays, Herbenick recommend vibrators or dildos for pleasure fishing. By using this tool, use it briefly to restore a low sex drive in women. Undo edits N


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