Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Neutralize Stomach Acid?

There are many cases with complaints of suspected abnormalities of gastric acid, finally found the channel and gallbladder disorders caused by inflammation or infection (cholecystitis, cholangitis) either with or without gallstones (kolelitiasis). Other diseases that can cause heartburn among others, appendicitis, colitis (colitis), the initial symptoms of hernias, intestinal adhesions (adhesion) especially when there is a history of previous abdominal surgery. Many drugs that can be used for stomach acid to determine the exact but you should consult with a healthcare accompanied intensive investigation is required. Patients with stomach acid should pay attention to his diet. When we got to eat, when to stop eating, what should we eat and what we should avoid like eating too much spicy, cold drinks, drinking coffee and not infrequently polynomial. When such an empty stomach in the morning when I wake up drink warm, sweet and the numbers do not jump as well as many, to taste first.


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