Monday, January 23, 2012

Driving Tips When Rain

The following tips:

1. Maintain speed
According to visibility conditions. Make sure you are driving at a speed adapted
to the conditions of visibility, the environment around whether or not there is a puddle of water and other field conditions.

2. Always use low rpm It aims
To maintain optimum wheel traction. If you use a car with a gasoline engine, keep the engine turns at 2,500 rpm figures. However when you use a car with a diesel engine, you must keep the engine speed at a lower rate ie, 1,800 rpm. This is required so that you do not have a sliding car.

3. Turn on the lights
At day time or a small lamp. Often the driver of the car using lights hazards
during rainy conditions. Hazards lights can interfere with the other driver's view.
We recommend that you use day time lights so as not to interfere with other riders.

4. Note the braking distance.
When conditions are wet, the braking process will require a longer strip of dry conditions at the time. You must set the braking distances farther than usual. To
be able to stop your vehicle properly.

5.Avoid high speeds on a thin puddle.
As the car passes a thin puddles, tires can not grip the road well, then the car could potentially run into aquaplaning or drift. As a result, your car will be unstable when driving.

6. Avoid standing water
Height exceeds one inch of your exhaust. Stagnant water can lead to high your car
breaks down and ruin your car's engine, you should not break through high standing water prior to flooding.

Good Luck...!!


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