Monday, January 23, 2012

Want to Have Ideal Body But Breastfeeding

Want to Have Ideal Body But Breastfeeding, Some tips from me:

1. Boiled, broiled or grilled meat / chicken / fish oil to reduce intake

2. Use low-fat dairy products. I know that in Indonesia there are milk products intended for pregnant and lactating mothers. Dairy products like that do not exist in Australia because it does not need too many calories (not necessary if it had enough to eat). For the mother should consume milk low-fat/skim, for white infants can use full-cream milk until age 2 years alone, the rest use a low-fat to prevent obesity.

3. Increase consumption of vegetables, fruits and nuts

4. Choose foods that do not contain much fat or sugar and

5. Exercise regularly (can be done when drying baby / taking children to play) Food or rather drinks that need to be avoided is a beverage that contains caffeine (strong tea, coffee and drinks berkola) because it can affect breast milk. Instant and strict dieting can release toxins stored in your body (pesticides / PCBs) that also resulted in drastically increased levels of these toxins in breast milk. My advice is patience Erna yes, what matters is your baby adequate nutrition (exclusive breastfeeding the first

6 months) after starting a new food besides breast milk began to think about dieting.

Good Luck...!!!


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