Monday, January 23, 2012

Tips and Strategy to Meet the Needs Child Nutrition

Here are some tips and strategy to meet needs child nutrition:

1. Respect the child's appetite If the child is not hungry, then do not push to want to eat. Likewise, do not force feed a nutritious food that is not liked by children. It will only make children more stubbornly maintain the desired appetite. Serve a healthy diet with small portions to avoid self-defense response from the child. And give children the opportunity to independently ask for the food he wants. Gradually, give meaning to the child to choose a healthy diet.

2. Give fed with regular schedule Serve meals and snacks at around the same time every day. Allowing children to drink juice or milk all day can decrease your appetite. If the child is familiarized with the regular schedule, it will be able to activate the body's alarm about the need to eat.

3. Be patient introducing new foods The children often touch or smell new foods. It can even spit out the new food if it is not like it. Encourage children to talk about food color, shape, aroma and texture rather than on taste. Serve new foods along with a child's favorite foods.

4. Presenting food more attractive Serve broccoli and other vegetables in your favorite sauce. Cut foods in various forms with cookie cutters.

5. Asking children to help choose foods Asking children to help choose fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. When at home, ask your child to help wash vegetables or stirring batter.

6. Provides a good example If parents are also implementing healthy food for yourself, of course, children also will be more to follow.

7. Serving food with a more creative Presenting a healthy diet with more creative, can make children more interested in eating it. Add chopped broccoli or green peppers to spaghetti sauce, sprinkle the cereal with sliced ​​fruit.

8. Minimizing disruption Turn off the television and other electronic gadgets during the meal. Such actions will help the child focus on eating. Keep in mind that television advertising may also encourage children to desire sweet foods.

9. Do not offer candy or other sweets as a gift Offering candy or other sweets as gifts to send the message that dessert is the best food, which may only increase their desire to eat sweets.

10. Do not serve food separately Presenting foods separately to encourage children to picky eaters. Gives understanding to the children that each component of food have their respective functions. So that each component of the food must be consumed by the number of balanced

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