Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tips and Strategy using Applications of the BlackBerry Molome in 2012

Photo sharing applications are being loved now. Call Instagram in IOS, PicPlz, Streamzoo, Mytubo on Android seemed to make everyone hypnotized by this new social network.

One application for the BlackBerry-based photo sharing, Molome also began in loved by BlackBerry users. How do I use it?

Download this application from the BlackBerry AppWorld. Where not already have it downloaded first BlackBerry AppWorld its application here, then look for Molome application, install it and wait for it to finish

- Once the application is installed Molome, did manufacture a new account first.

- After all is done you asked if you want to tell your friends that you have an account Molome. Can via Twitter and Facebook.

- After that, do the settings profile, bio, upload a photo to photo and other profile.

- Now you're ready to upload your photos. Use your BlackBerry camera to capture images.

- Select an image to be uploaded to the share by clicking the camera icon.

- After the select pictures to be uploaded to do the selection or filter effects to your photo interesting. There are several filters that can not be directly used because it requires at least a few dozen pictures can only be used once.

- After the upload.

Your friends can provide like or provide comments on the pictures you upload and vice versa.

Molome application is also available for Symbian and Android. So if you have a smartphone with Symbian operating system Android, and also can directly use the same account.

Good Luck...!!!


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