Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tips and Strategy How To Take Photos with Panning Technique

Photos taken with the pan-motion techniques (panning) will add a touch of 'drama' in the outcome. This technique is usually used to capture sports or news photos. Well to take photographs of this type, you need a camera with manual controls, the subject moves, as well as patience.

Panning technique that requires a manual focus camera lenses do not auto focus on the background rather than on the subject. Was also the camera should be in continuous shooting mode, burst or bracket. If the photographer's aim is true, then the subject will appear stationary and the background will blur.

Here are some tips and strategy for creating images with panning techniques:

1. Set the Shutter setting
All DSLR cameras have a manual option. First, select a shutter-priority mode is usually symbolized by the 'S' or 'Tv'.

Set the speed (shutter speed) in this mode so the camera stayed determine the opening (aperture) based on the available light. If you use manual settings, then to remember is that the slower the shutter speed, the higher the aperture number (f-stop) to be used so that the subject remains in focus.

A number of images produced by this technique may be less satisfactory because the subject is less clear. Use a tripod for panning the image that is more satisfactory to avoid shaking hands.

2. Select the Background
In addition to technical problems, panning image quality also depends on the background. The best background for this type of photography is the background that have attractive colors, lots of detail and allows the focus directed at the subject.

You can set the shutter speed to choose the least amount of background detail to be included. The faster the speed, the more detail the resulting background.

Make sure to balance the light in a composition. Typically, the light falling on the subject should be the same as the light falling on the background.

But it is also possible if you want to do the combining of light. For example, you could put the subject in light of the sun and the background in a rather dark place to increase focus on the subject.

The ideal time to take a photo when panning is the golden hour before sunset or after sunrise. During these hours, the resulting light will seem warm, perfect for a slow shutter speed.

3. Patience
Patience is the last thing you need here. When you have earned the right setting and background, wait until there is a passing interesting subject.

Good Luck...!!


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