Monday, February 6, 2012

Tips and Strategy to Wear Make-up Skin Acne

Here are some tips and strategy to wear make-up skin acne:

1. Use the Face Primary
Using the first primary face after using moisturizer and before using the foundation is a great way to start using the right make-up to hide acne scars. Face primer can cover acne scars with perfect because it is contained in silicone and the like materials.

2. Concealer
Give extra attention to the spots and redness former acne on the face due to wear Concealer. Instead, apply Concealer with bright colors once more from the color of your skin in order to cover up acne scars. However, make sure that you use are Concealer Concealer independent oil because oil can trigger acne. Concealer in yellow or green are suitable for acne-prone skin of your face.

3. Sprinkle powder
If your skin is oily, sprinkle powder can help reduce the sheen on the face. Select the type of mineral powder containing seeding so as not to trigger the growth of blackheads and acne. Mineral powder does not contain many chemicals and preservatives (two ingredients that can exacerbate acne). Avoid using a powder compact, because it usually contains more oil and can clog pores.

4. Make-up of salicylic acid Pregnancy
If you do not just want to hide acne, but also take care, make-up with mineral content tends safe to use on your face. Select the make-up products that can remove oil and bacteria that causes acne. These products contain salicylic acid and is usually contained in a number of Concealer and foundation. Salicylic acid can also reduce acne scars and heal irritated skin, so you can return the skin clean and shiny.

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