Tuesday, February 7, 2012

6 Tips and Strategy to Maintain Company Reputation in the Age of Digital

Social media has seemed to be the belle of the digital era. All kinds of information can be disseminated via Twitter cs, it is good not to bad though.

Do not ask how much effect. Social media has a significant role when the turmoil in the Middle East countries. Moreover, if the 'opponent' just a company? Waves can be guaranteed force company's reputation in an instant.

As we often hear, "it took many years to build the reputation of the company. But to destroy it, just a matter of seconds".

Yes, that's how the internet and social media can affect the good name of the company. This requires awareness and active role of the company in order to maintain their reputation.

Here are six steps in short:

A. Do not Pretend There is No Crisis
When there is a problem that hit, the attitude of most wrong is trying to ignore the issue alias to pretend that there is no crisis. Until the end, no nothing response to the problem and the growing crisis was like a snow ball.

2. Do not Make Empty Gesture
If you want to make an apology, do it wholeheartedly. Do not just merely a formality and a style that is lazy and uninspired. Because this will show if you and the company's high-minded.

3. Do Anti Improve Yourself
According to Layla, social media communication tools should be able to be honest. Admit your mistake, and speak with a customer to calm the situation is not conducive. At the same time to convey what would you do to improve things.

4. Chanel wake Communications
It could not hurt to create a blog, Twitter account, Facebook for your company. Because this is where the company can build a network, both among customers, employees and other stakeholders.

It also will allow companies to interact via email, video, or webchat. This strategy also seemed to have become commonplace in the digital era. Especially when referring to the fast response is so important.

5. Prepare a Crisis Communication Response Team
According to Layla, It's better, a good companies can not only disseminate information to the public, but also can give a good response.

Try to hear the sentiments of the public and monitor the traffic. After that, prepare the team to inform and advise concerned parties on what is happening and how she responds.

6. Being Influential
To become an influential party (Influential), do not expect to happen if you or your company does not have a good interaction with the public. Begin to build a fabric of good communication with the audience.

Communication channels can also be used to interact about your company's brand or product. Including when a crisis arises, you or your company can have better control of the perception that emerged.

Good Luck...!!!


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