Friday, February 10, 2012

8 Ways of Preventing Cell Phone Radiation

The latest results from the WHO reveal that cell phone radiation can cause brain cancer. Cell phone radiation is categorized as a dangerous carcinogenic substances such as lead, smoke exhaust, and chloroform.

Check out these 8 tips to reduce radiation :

1. Use a Headset
This is the easiest way to ward off the threat of cell phone radiation. Of course, we can not refuse to receive phone calls. But if you're still worried, it is better to use a headset. The bottom line is your cell phone, not too close to the brain.

2. Reduce Wireless Bluetooth and Headset
Using a headset can be an option to reduce cell phone radiation. But remember, choose a conventional headset alias that still use a cable to connect to the phone. Do not use a wireless headset. Bluetooth feature on cell phones also do not continuously enabled, use as needed.

3. Speakerphone
Using the speaker when the phone can also be an option. But of course, there is an uncomfortable feeling when it's done in public places. But at least, you do not have to put the phone in the head while on the phone. So this option may be used when you were at a private place like home.

4. Radiation casing holder
Cell phone radiation concerns raised recently enabled a special casing that is claimed to minimize the delivery of radiation from mobile phones. If deemed necessary, maybe you can find at the mall.

5. Corner of the room
Avoid the phone in the corner. Corner of the room is usually quiet, but on the other hand sometimes also be a place where the phone signal becomes weak. Well, just a weak signal to trigger a higher radiation. This also applies in a narrow area / small lift.

6. Do not Always Stick
Phone you use must be a favorite gadget, but for better health, you should not always be stuck with the mobile phone. Phones that do not use recommended or placed in a bag on the table. It is said to be better than placed in a pants pocket.

7. Kala Silent Call
When receiving a phone you should not go for a walk. Because, in motion it will continue to look for cell phone signals emitted a strong signal from the base transceiver station (BTS). This activity will only strengthen the radiation.

8. Use the Two Ears
Avoid the use of the ear when talking on the phone. For example, has always received a phone call with the left ear only. According to experts, this is just not good. Take advantage of your ears to minimize the radiation emitted.

Currently the European Environment Agency has been pushing for further study. But it also does not hurt us to do a precaution rather than take the risk in the future.

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