Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Leakage in Mobile Marketing Strategy

Phone with the booming number of users holds the potential to be injected inside the marketing strategy. These seven points are worth noting to launch a marketing strategy in the mobile phone:

1. Target users
Target users are dominated by men, 86% of them aged between 18-45 years old and not a teenager. They understand the use of digital media and enter into all forms of popular culture - TV, music, film and fashion.
They are an adult who is facing a crucial stage of life from the turn of a job, buy a private car, to start a new family.

2. The user experience
The user experience is very important. They are in different circumstances such as when using a cell phone while waiting (time spent / browsing), when I travel (for entertainment), while communicating (chatting or interacting via social media), or when they find something (a map, reference, telephone number , contact data, etc.).

3. Scale
In the first quarter of 2011, there were more than 23 billion banner ads have aired over the entire network BuzzCity. Clients can discuss with the planner BuzzCity campaign to get the budget plan effectively for their mobile marketing strategy.

4. Integration between the campaign will generate more
A cell phone is always in the hands of users and is always alive. Because it is very important to give higher priority in a campaign from the first day of the advertisement via mobile phone.

5. Test, test, and test
Very well to try some version of banner ads to make sure the message is the best that the market responded.
Is a good thing to run multiple versions of the campaign, because it will not affect the cost of media in which the advertiser can specify a fixed limit ads per day.

6. Use both: banner and text ads
When advertisers start a text or banner ad graphics, they reduce the potential range up to half. It's time to double your exposure by using both banner and text ads.

7. Analysis
One thing that is very important for advertisers to understand how their campaigns are conducted and how they can optimize the campaign to success in the future.

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