Tuesday, February 7, 2012

7 Tips and Strategy to Identify Fake Facebook Profile

Scattered many fake profiles on Facebook and sometimes you receive a request from them or even have become friends. Not infrequently the profile of this kind of harm. Maybe the author of a villain who is looking for prey. Or maybe he intends to spy on you with a particular motif.

How to identify a Facebook profile is not yet known was false or not? Here are tips and tricks:

1. Photos that are too perfect usually indicates a Facebook profile is fake. Both images are displayed on the profile picture or on the album, if they all feature the flawless figure and maybe even a touch of Photoshop, this profile is likely imaginary.

2. Be careful if a profile describing the user as a person who meets the criteria you as a friend or a perfect partner. Maybe this is a special trap for you so that he can dig deeper into the information through online conversations.

3. Examine how many Facebook friends they have. The average Facebook user has 130 friends. If the friend is lower than that figure, it may be the only Facebook user engineering.

4. How many mutual friends or similar friends among your Facebook friends with the candidate could also be a means of identification. The fewer mutual friends, you seem to be more alert.

5. Where necessary, use a search engine to research the name on your Facebook profile and whether the information submitted in the correct personal data. For example, the name of the school.

6. Check the photos. People who actually have a picture of the real is often present themselves with friends and family.

7. Facebook users with the original profile almost always have a photo tagged by their friends. Conversely, a fake Facebook profiles often show only the photos themselves.

Good Luck...!!!


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