Tuesday, February 7, 2012

3 Tips and Strategy to Photographing Fat Models

Sometimes the photo shoot, a photographer should take pictures of a fat model. Well, the problem demands that are required to produce images with a thin body effect.

Here are 3 quick tips:

1. clothing
"Try not to choose clothes that accentuate obesity. In order to impress thin, usually chosen to model clothes that have a dark color, then a vertical patterned, and somewhat loose.

2. position Model
Make sure the model to be photographed is not directly facing frontally to the lighting. With a sideways position model, the model will look thinner.

3. Lighting
Lighting factor was decisive in the photo shoot where she was a key factor of a good photograph.

In the case of photographing a wide-body model, Jerry suggested that the lighting does not override the whole body model. It would be better if only half of the body are affected by light. Another alternative is a light shot from the rear of the model (in shadow).

Well, with 3 keys at the top, taking pictures of a fat model was no longer a problem. Ready to try?


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