Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Tips Accessories Cell Phone 'Anti speeding ticket'

Police are considering a ticket to the driver's cell phone rules. It's good for mobile phone users from switching to handsfree (call without using your hands). What are the options for handsfree cell phone accessories?

1. You can choose to use cable or headset without any wires. Bluetooth headset prices range from about $ 10, or approximately USD 100 thousand and the most expensive $ 150 approximately Rp. 1.5 million for a model such as the Aliph Jawbone best or Plantronik Discovery 925.

2. If you do not like the headset, then you can replace it with a speaker that is connected via Bluetooth in the phone. For example, 3 Handsfree Speakerphone BlueAnt Superbluetooth that can even be read out incoming caller's name with address book.

3. There are also accessories from Parrot that connects the phone to the speaker on the audio system / car radio. However, even when its use is easy, the installation of such accessories might be a bit tricky.

4. Many of the Global Positioning System (GPS) which can also be connected via Bluetooth. If you already have an artificial device like Garmin or Tom Tom, GPS devices can also function as a loudspeaker. Some even provide the ability to read incoming SMS messages.

5. For mobile phones 'old school' without Bluetooth capabilities, use a wired headset.

6. On the other hand, mobile users are more sophisticated (aka Smartphone) can download Nuance Voice Control software to perform the function of mobile phones with voice commands.

7. The site provides a headset 'free' for certain types of mobile phones. Users can simply replace the shipping costs of $ 3.5. Sites that serve the international shipping.

Hopefully these tips can help you choose the right accessories for safer driving. Moreover, if the rules be enforced speeding ticket, hands-free option that seems to be inevitable.


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