Friday, February 10, 2012

5 Benefits Make Mobile Working

At the time of sky-high fuel prices, coupled with the snaking traffic jam every day on the highway, more using fuel consumption and pollution resulting impact on global warming, then make mobile working (or also known as remote working) is one solution that is worth examining .

Moreover, the connotation is now working on what we are doing (and produce), no longer merely refers to the place we are going (the office).

The following are the advantages to be obtained:

1. Increase productivity. Along the mobile worker can access the required data without having to be tied to hours worked and from anywhere, it does the job no longer have to waste time in order to break through bottlenecks in the office to work. Work remains to be done even before work starts or after it.

Productivity is no longer subject to the limitations of working hours. Of course this also required the professionalism of the mobile worker, because their work is a priority orientation on output, no longer a mere process.

2. Improve services. For those who prefer the work done business meeting, it would be on time to meet with the client and in the fresh state, is a better value. Mobile workers need to be able to follow the meeting schedule desired by the client.

So that in certain circumstances, must be in the office first and then meet with a client in a place, would be at risk on the timeliness and freshness of mind and appearance. Even with mobile devices such a smartphone, blackberry or laptop with a modem / data card, the client will be able to respond more quickly.

3.Increase savings. A worker, when I have somewhere to finish the job, then he is working with mobile model can get the flexibility to change the route (re-route) and the calculated hours of journey time can be more efficient and cost-effective transportation.

There are times when, by doing mobile working, some jobs can be completed more quickly as well. For example, client meeting, sent a proposal, create presentation materials, all of which can be done at a location more easily taken into account.

4. Improve efficiency. Efficiency can also be done by applying mobile office for a number of employees working on a part or a position that allows for it. Efficiency can be calculated for example on the use of cubical number (office space) are used, including the related terms such as Internet access, power air conditioning, electrical, vehicle parking space, maintenance and so on.

Then the number of offices, can optimize the existing land or cubical. For employees that allows for mobile working, the right to occupy its own cubical private and should be removed permanently. Enough to provide some cubical office that can be used interchangeably.

5. Improve the quality of life. Quality of life here can be in terms of balance between physical and psychological health. By having the flexibility to adjust its own clock, which must still follow the corridor is specified, then the employee will be able to manage time for things that can increase endurance and mind.

For example, by taking the longer exercise or the gym while waiting for a schedule to meet client, still managed to take the kids to school or pick her up, to have more opportunities to harmonize various aspects of the field of life, to update his knowledge by attending exhibitions, visiting bookstores and other things before or after completing the work in mobile.

To be able to make mobile working successfully and comfortably, then there are some things to consider. Some things can be read in a later article.


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