Monday, February 6, 2012

5 Tips to Living a Healthy Life in the Office

If you are far less healthy diet, do not worry, you do not already too late to change it. Here's a list of habits of unhealthy eating patterns along with tips to overcome them:

A. Overcoming Frequent Snacking
Who does not love snacking? Snack crackers, chips or other snacks is a common practice in the workplace. Although sometimes it gives more energy snacks, but snacks can help your body to store fat is not necessary. Salt contained in snacks can also cause hypertension.

How to fix: Do not bring a whole range of snacks into the drawer of your work. To that end, bring healthy snacks from home, such as fruit, yoghurt or nuts. Bring your own snacks also make you able to resist, when a friend offered a snack.

2. Not Too Much Drinking Tea or Coffee
Drinking tea or coffee as much as two hours once a very bad habit. Drinking too much tea or coffee can make you feel restless, irritable, dehydration, and can disrupt sleep patterns. If you make tea or coffee as you eat your friends, it can inhibit iron absorption.

How to fix: Reduce the portion of tea or coffee every day. You can replace tea or coffee with a selection of healthier beverages such as green tea, warm lemon water or fruit juice. Choose drinks that do not require as much sugar and milk mixture.

3. Drink Plenty of Water Mineral
Although your work space air-conditioned so you do not sweat and are not hungry, does not mean you do not need to drink. Your body does adapt to the amount of water you drink. Trying to drink more each day, the impact will make you go back and forth to the restroom. However, if you're not drinking for a long period of time will lead to constipation, indigestion, dehydration, increased hunger, and can also make your skin look dull.

How to fix: Put one liter bottle of mineral water on the desk, and make sure you've finished drinking it before going home from work. Put a large bottle on the table do not forget to make your drink.

4. Preventing Eating at Night
After work, often invite your friends stop by the office at a restaurant, while waiting for traffic. Well, not often you are tempted to eat the portion of the lot. Sometimes at night hunger is actually the body's way to let you know that you are tired and need rest, not to eat again.

If you consume large amounts of food high in carbohydrates in the evening, the body will be difficult to absorb the food intake. It can also increase the intake of calories that can ruin your diet program.

How to fix: If you're really hungry, eat vegetables and some protein-rich foods before bedtime. High-fiber vegetables and lean meats are rich in protein will fill you up without adding calories. Avoid to eat rice or bread before bed.

5. Avoid eating lot Weekend Today
Perhaps you are thinking to give a reward to yourself that have been successful on a diet for almost a week. But, by eating as much at the end of the week, is not the proper way to apply to your diet program.

How to fix: Find another way to give yourself a reward. Treatment in the salon, buy a new book, or watch a movie seems to be more enjoyable while keeping your body weight.


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