Monday, February 6, 2012

Tips to Reduce the habit of nagging Husband Likes It

Are you and your husband have a habit of including a nag? Here's how to reduce habits that can make it crack marriage:

1. Settle down. Learn and find out any time you grumble. Try to discuss issues that were subject to nagging by positioning themselves as a team. Efforts to reduce this nagging habit should be done by you and your husband.

2. Take a look from the perspective of others. When your spouse nagging feeling you do not appreciate what he did. So, before issuing a barrage of nagging, try to position yourself in the position of first husband.

3. When complaining, you should not use the word 'you', but 'I'. For example, you better say "I feel you're always too late to pay mortgage bills" rather than "You're always late paying bills."

4. Explain why the problem you mentioned (and usually resolved so nagging) is important to you. For example, "I'm worried that you're always late to pay mortgage bills, we can not pay the fine later."

5. Expectations are realistic. If you have a problem and want to nag, make sure you discuss issues that are realistic and appropriate for discussion. For example, when the new husband got home from work and he put his shoes at random, if indeed you need it immediately for his ranting. Does it have to put shoes in place immediately.

6. Create a deadline. Ask your partner when he could finish the job. For example, if he can pull out the grass in the yard this weekend. Instead, let the couples themselves decide when the best time he could complete the task.

7. If you are the party who got scolding, immediately give a clear answer to these nagging questions. Tell me honestly if you can do and when to demand it. Make sure you do indeed have your say.

8. Find another way out. If that is what is so material can not be done nagging spouse husband, look for another solution. For example, construction workers hired handyman to fix a leaky roof.

Good Luck...!!


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