Friday, February 10, 2012

Smart Ways of Keeping Smartphone

The presence of mobile phones is now shifted more than just a communication tool. Therefore, any treatment can not be arbitrary. Especially if it's stored in the smartphone sensitive data.

Here are some smart tips from Eset security company to treat your smart phone to be secure from cyber criminals act intrusion and malicious programs.

1. Always lock and use a password for access to your communication device.

2. If you want to enter personal data, do it only for applications supplied by the manufacturer. That means, if you want to download the Facebook application from the website should be up, so it is with Twitter applications of Twitter, and others.

3. Do not store confidential information in your smartphone device.

4. Enable Password program.

5. Turn off the function of geo-location services.

6. Enable password protection systems.

7. Delete or move personal photographs that do not want to disclose.

8. Do not install applications from developers who are not known. If you already do the download in question, put an end to online banking activity from your mobile device, because the application is potentially malware.

9. First look at the applications you want to download and install. Does the application have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times? Does having a high rating? Does the application have been around a long time? Does the application developer is trusted by the industry and its customers?

To know it can be done by checking through search engines, via social networking, as well as of microblogging.

10. If you click a link in an email, never enter personal data into it. Because many cases of influx of malware through these modes. Especially if done through mobile communication devices, the risk will be higher. Would be safer if done by entering the name of the website on the web browser, and then input your data.

11. Install and activate security applications Antivirus program.

12. Treat your smartphone device like a desktop because cyber criminals no matter what platforms you use, but instead targeting each person to be a victim


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