Friday, February 10, 2012

BlackBerry Tips to Buy Used

Who would not want to buy a new BlackBerry. But because of limited funding, few people would be interested in a used BlackBerry. Not all second-hand BlackBerry is bad condition. However, usually at prices far below the price of a new BlackBerry, it will be an attraction for the buyer to woo former BlackBerry.

Little about the BlackBerry smartphone, BlackBerry's have another identity besides the IMEI PIN. Where PIN is used to communicate such as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) or PIN message. Many are now selling the BlackBerry is a former but it is unclear origin. The fear is that the BlackBerry PIN or PIN cloning is not the original default of RIM. What are the disadvantages that come from? Cloning could lead to the BlackBerry PIN is suspended by the RIM BlackBerry so can not be activated for his BIS service.

How do we know that it is not problematic BlackBerry?

Make sure the BlackBerry has an identity IMEI, PIN is the same as those listed in the box, put the battery in place and also the status when the BlackBerry is turned on. Try to buy a BlackBerry full of all the accessories used
Also make sure your BlackBerry is not never fell can be seen from the housing if there are scratches, dents, and so forth.
Is the BlackBerry is ever splashed water? Can be seen in the water indicator sticker usually located on the inside where the battery. If white is not yet exposed to water. If red, positively have to get wet. But not a guarantee, may have been already been replaced housing so it does not seem ever to get wet.
Check by using a GSM card with BIS Active condition. Here would be seen if you suspend or BlackBerry. If connected "GPRS" then it should be safe from suspend your BlackBerry. But if "gprs", then it is questionable whether or not suspend. Make sure when testing the network is in normal condition.
Make sure you buy a former BlackBerry BlackBerry instead of the stolen. Because if the former stolen, feared the bomb would PIN message from the previous owner of my friends are stolen. The purpose of the bomb is the sending PIN PIN message repeated thousands of times, so make your BlackBerry becomes heavy and it was full of messages that the BlackBerry is stolen.

A little guide above can hopefully be a reference for those who want to buy a used BlackBerry. While not guarantee 100% accurate but if it was going to buy a used BlackBerry, BlackBerry is obvious try the previous ownership, or invite your friends to know about the BlackBerry. Because nowadays many are taking the opportunity to commit fraud in selling the BlackBerry former.


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