Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Tips and Strategy to Save Smartphone Batteries When Gohome

Here are some tips and strategy to Save Smartphone Batteries when go home:

1.Turn off the 3G connection when not needed
Speeding more than a 3G connection EDGE or GPRS. However, the power required is also greater. When going home, there's no harm in connection to the 3G turned off if a lot more done just a phone, SMS, and occasionally check email. EDGE connection seems enough to meet the needs. Besides the route may still be many who have not covered the 3G.

2. Turn off unneeded features
Features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, should be turned off because the chances are not really necessary in the homecoming activities. With the GPS mapping feature may be very helpful if you get lost and want to know the path. However, GPS can 'eat' the battery quickly. So use it wisely.

3. And lower the screen brightness keys
Particularly in the mobile phone touch screen, lock the screen when not in use should be done so that the touch does not turn on the phone and battery waste. Then, lower the brightness setting to the minimum level that can still be seen the eye will make the battery last longer. Shorten the time period is also setting the screen lights up.

4. Minimal play games, listen to music and access applications
At the time of going home, smartphone usability perhaps the most important is to stick to connect with colleagues or family back home. Thus, it is better to refrain from accessing the power-hungry entertainment such as games or certain apps on the smartphone.

5. Download a battery-saving applications
There are some battery-saving applications that can be downloaded before going home. This application can help save battery life with a practical and easy. BlackBerry users can download NB BattStat or the other. On the iPhone, there's Battery Go. While in Android, there are applications Juice Defender and so on.

6. Turn off vibration
Vibration or vibration features typically consuming more power than the ringtone. So it helps to choose ringtone just a marker rather than activate the vibration smartphone.

7. Turn off your smartphone when not needed
Not every time a call to serve the travelers. For example, when through the blankspot (no signal) or wanted to concentrate more driving to rest at night to restore power. There is no harm in that time, the smartphone is switched off to save battery life.

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