Monday, February 13, 2012

5 Tips and strategy to Clean Fake Mac Virus Security

Mac OS users covered the threat of malicious program to claim to be antivirus. One of the Mac Security should be wary of is that spreads by exploiting Google's image search results.

At first glance of the name and looks, Mac Security is so similar to real antivirus. Unfortunately, the virus with another name Trojan.Fakealert.20856 can retrieve data or credit card information the victim. Not dangerous enough?

Here are 5 tips and strategy to clean up a fake virus on the Mac OS:

1.Turn off network connection / internet.

2.Matikan the Mac Security (Trojan.Fakealert.20856)
     * Click the Go menu, select Utilities.
     * By Utilities, Activity Monitor Double click the file
     * In the Activity Monitor, select the process with the name Mac Security and then click Quit Process.

3. Remove Mac Security (Trojan.Fakealert.20856)
     * Click the Go menu, select Applications.
     * In Applications, select MacSecurity.
     * Then drag the slider to the program MacSecurity Trash folder.
     * Then click on the Finder menu, choose Empty Trash.
     * When the message to delete it permanently, click OK.

4. Delete login account Mac Security (Trojan.Fakealert.20856)
     * Click the Apple logo, select System Preferences.
     * In System Preferences, select Accounts.
     * In the Account window, select one account and then select the Login Items tab.
     * Next select the Mac Security and then click the (-).
     * Perform well against other accounts.

5. For optimal cleaning and prevent re-infection, you should use an updated antivirus and malware is well recognized.

Good Luck...!!!


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