Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5 Business Tips and Strategy for Stay at Home

Companies need to offer a multimedia experience to the customer and its employees that will drive improvements in customer satisfaction, productivity and reduce costs in order to maintain and develop the customer base, encourage and sustain a vibrant workforce and still earn a profit and success in a world without limits.

As a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, five important tips and strategy that can help companies stay ahead:

1. Listen to your consumers, understand their needs
With the explosion of communication devices available and the number of feedback channels that appear in the next few years, a company must be connected to the beating pulse of the consumer to be able to understand them and know what they really want.

At the moment is the one-way communication, companies today must understand the platforms of social media as key tools for feedback, and use the solutions available to help them more effectively understand and digest large amounts of content available on the forums social media.

Capabilities to include automatic monitoring of consumer feedback, tracking emotions and responses that are able to make the proposal more progressive and efficient solutions, is available today and has been propagated by many forward-thinking companies. Is your company one of them?

2. Staying connected in order to stay ahead: the users wanted the option
Just as consumers and consumerism of the device-end (read: iPad, blackberry, android, iPhone, tablet, etc.), how long to provide an application or a solution, whether it be voice, video or text, is changing dramatically.

The current users wanted the option of how they communicate and how they want to communicate with their company - whether it be via Skype, Facebook, video, text, instant messaging or Twitter.

In fact, no one can predict what the end-user devices within the next 24 months from now. But companies can equip themselves with a unified communications platform solutions (UC) are robust to accommodate and integrate diverse technologies in a seamless end-user on one common platform, thinking about the cost and energy efficiency.

In the end, a UC platform that will either help centralize all communications vehicle, make sure companies stay connected with the end-user in a variety of environmental, social media or a different device without much trouble.

3. Complete your employees with the right tools
With consumers increasingly rapid advancement in technology, your employees must follow in order that they can communicate with consumers about the platform they want. Give your employees the option to communicate and collaborate so that they can be productive wherever they are and on whatever device is available to them by choosing an open platform that can support the system.

Adoption of a standardized device suitable for multi-modal communication will contribute to a collaborative environment. This, in turn, will increase job satisfaction and productivity of your employees.

4. Deliver end-user experience consistent
Closing the gap between the notification and response time, will be important in the health care industry and services to deliver end-user experience consistent.

On top of that, companies must also strive to increase first-call resolution by using a solution that has been optimized workforce. For subscription customer, take advantage of platform features such as call logs your UC on a consolidated and integrated contacts list, so that your customers do not need to repeat the problem to another contact center agents. A consistent user experience ultimately help simplify and streamline mobility.

5. Be a good invest in infrastructure?
Before you decide on a choice of solutions and tools, determine the first communication device that best suits your company and its needs. Most companies tend to use the latest technology just because, well, it is something new. However, they often forget to make sure the technology and its application is suitable and useful for them to get the ROI.

Look for actions that most cost-effective use of virtualization and networking that will allow optimize enterprise solutions based on demand, act to end-users, as well as controlling and managing all types of communication across the network. In this way, the entire suite of solutions available - from the Ethernet switch to a wireless network to the branch router - your company can efficiently deal with the fast pace of communication modes of mobility and the ever-changing consumer preferences.

Keep in mind that in the end, the users and the enterprise should not be enslaved by technology. Instead, technology should provide ease of management, flexibilities and scalability.

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