Friday, February 10, 2012

14 Tips Regarding Android Phone

Here are the tips:

1. How do I know the version of firmware or OS Android in the handset?
To know the firmware version installed on the handset can be done by looking into the Launcher Menu> Settings> About phone, info on Firmware version informs firmware version installed on the handset.

2. How do I know the total size remaining in the internal storage and SD Card handset?
To see the total size of the remaining storage on the handset and SD Card can be installed in the Launcher Menu> Settings> SD card & phone storage. There will be informed of the remaining total storage to internal storage and SD Card handset.

3. How do I enter document data, photos and more into the SD Card in the handset?
In order to insert the file into the SD Card in the handset can be done by connecting the handset to a PC / laptop via the USB cable followed by a pull down notification bar at the top of the home screen on the handset. Select the connected USB followed by pressing the option button mounted to the PC / laptop will pop-up windows or removable disk and forwarded by copying the files you want placed on the SD Card handset.

After putting the file to the SD Card, to disable the mapping SD Card in the PC / laptop can be done by pulling down the notification bar at the top of the handset back on the home screen and select turn off USB storage and hit the off button.

4. How do I get to set the network used always to the 2G network (GSM only)?
To set the network to use the 2G network can always be done in two ways, namely:

Go to the Launcher Menu> Settings> Wireless Controls> Mobile network settings, tick "Use only 2G networks"

Go to the phone and press * # * # INFO # * # * or * # * # 4636 # * # *, then go to Phone information and set preferred network type to GSM Only.

5. How to login google account on android handset?
To be able to login or use the google account can be done by opening one of the google applications in handsets, such as applications gmail, gtalk and the market. The first time an application is run we will be asked to enter user and password you google account.

6. How to reset back to normal when the handset to buy new (factory data reset)?
Factory data reset or restore the default setting the handset can be done by going to the Launcher Menu> Settings> Security followed by selecting / pressing the Factory data reset.

7. How to replace google user account that is being used in the handset?
To replace it we have to sign out of Google account that is being used after the user log back in with the other. To sign out can be done in two ways:

Go to the Launcher Menu> Settings> Applications> Manage applications and Gmail applications, storage Gmail, Google Apps and Google search did clear the data after the user login with a new

By doing a factory data reset, but this way all data and applications installed on the outside of the handset that is innate internal storage will be deleted so you should make backups of application data with backup / restore before doing so

8. How to forward the SMS to be obtained?
Forward an SMS can be done by pressing and hold the message to be forwarded until the menu options and then forward the SMS input number objectives to be delivered.

9. How do I install an application from the *. Apk that was downloaded?
Before you install a file *. Apk from an application, make sure the Launcher Menu> Settings> Applications> Unknown source is dicontreng. After that do:

Put the file *. Apk from SD Card applications

Astro File Manager application installed that can be downloaded and dinstal of market

Click the file *. Apk files are put in place

Wait until the completed application is installed

10. How to change the mode to silence ringtone & vibrate on the handset?
To change the mode to silence ringtone and vibrate can be done by pressing and holding the power button and continue to exit the menu by choosing silence or vibrate. To turn back to the menu reads, do the same thing as before.

11. How to make contact in Microsoft Outlook data can be transferred to a contact in the handset?
To move the contact data stored in Microsoft Outlook can be done with the exported data in Microsoft Outlook contacts into a csv file after which the data is imported into an existing contact in Gmail web so that data will be recorded on the handset when the synchronize Gmail runs.

12. How do I move a contact that is in contact on the sim card into the handset?

To copy an existing contact data in the simcard can be done by pressing the menu button on the handset and go to Import / Export which then select Import from SIM Card that came out of the menu options.

13. How to turn off T9 on the keyboard?
To disable the T9 while typing can be done by going to the Launcher Menu> Settings> Language & keyboard> Android keyboard, do untick the Prediction or Suggestion.

14. Can it be if you want to add a ringtone to the handset?
Ringing tone or a ringtone can be added beyond what was provided in the handset. One way is to create a directory named in the SD Card media, where in the directory are directories for media ringtones to phone ringtones to be added, directory notifications to notification ringtones, alarms and directory for the ringing alarms are used. Put the ringtone file to be added according to the ringtone directory will be used.

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