Monday, January 23, 2012

Tips and Strategy How to Overcome sleep snoring

Tips and Strategy How to Overcome sleep snoring:

1. The new tool is called the anterior mandibular positioned (AMP) have been successfully developed to overcome snoring. The other method is the installation of methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) to the respiratory tract (nasal passageway), may be given additional analgesic components (menthol, procaine, Xylocaine, etc.) to minimize irritation. Consult your nearest doctor about this tool.

2. Avoid and refrain from alcohol consumption and smoking habits. Smoking can irritate the mucous membranes (mucous membrane) in the upper respiratory tract that causes swelling and increased production of mucus (phlegm).

3. Avoid taking the following drugs just before bed: sedatives or tranquilizers, sleeping pills, and antihistamines. Take the medicine at least 2-3 hours before bed (night).

4. Exercise regularly.

5. Living a healthy life, balanced. Avoid like overtime or forced to work overtime. Coffee (or tea or other light snacks) is not a loyal friend to accompany the work until late at night.

6. Avoid sleeping supine or prone position. If it is forced to sleep on their backs, then you should not use pillows. Choose the side sleeping position to the left or right.

7. Spend about 15 minutes before bedtime to do one of the following: listening to classical music, relaxation, breath work, yoga, writing in a diary, or doing light activities that are fun to pamper yourself.

8. Avoid eating, drinking, snacking before bed, or in other words, avoid sleeping in a state of the stomach is too full.

9. Lower or reduce weight. May be dieting, but not even to torture yourself. Actually there is a simple secret to rapid weight decreased. Want to know? Multiply move, move, think hard, active organization, always use the time to do good deeds.

10. Electrical stimulation (electrical stimulation) on the soft palate (the roof) in the oral cavity can treat obstructive sleep apnea and snoring.

11. If there is nasal obstruction (nasal), then immediately to the doctor. The doctor will prescribe topical steroids or systemic decongestants. Avoid buying medicines without a prescription.

12. Road or the last alternative is surgery operations alias. Operation to overcome snoring include: the method of tonsillectomy, uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, laser / electrocautery / microfrequency.

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