Monday, January 23, 2012

Ankle scratching your joy Like Orgasms

Scratching your choice of location depends basically on the part of the
body that itch. But if there are some arts of the body equally itch, then the
level of enjoyment when scratched can be compared with each other. In a study at Liverpool John Moores University, a professor neurosaintis compare multiple
locations scratching among other arms, back and ankle. Some participants were
given itching powder in these parts. For 5 minutes since sprinkled itching powder derived from plant hairy African origin, the participants are prohibited from
scratch and then asked to assess which parts of your body that feels the itch.
Compared to the arm and back, apparently feels the most itchy ankles. Similarly, after the participants were allowed scratching the body that feels itchy. When asked to give a satisfaction score between 1-10, then scratched his ankle when the average score is higher than most other parts of the body. The results of these observations proves two things at once, namely that the most
vulnerable ankles itch stimuli as well as providing the most current nice carded. The researchers said, the level of ecstasy equivalent to orgasm when making love .Meting is expected to help overcome the chronic itching, especially those difficult to remove only the occasional scratch. People with eczema and psoriasis, for example, is often still feel itchy even after taking medicine and the skin is always carded. Scratching ankle did not heal the chronic nature of disease. But by studying the nervous system in the ankle that gives a sense
of satisfaction as the passage carded, it is expected that the itching in people with chronic illnesses can be overcome.


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